Hello Students and Parents,

 We are beginning our reopening at CMA!  We will be reopened for one on one lessons on August 10, 2020.  Our top priority is creating a safe environment to learn in. We will continue to provide online lesson options, but we want to begin offering one on one lessons at the academy as well. Below are the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of your families and ours.

- We will only be giving lessons in the recital hall.

- We will only allow one student at a time in the building.

- We will require masks at all times and require a temperature check before entering the building.

- We will also like to ask all students to stay in their vehicles until called by your instructor to enter the building. We would ask parents to stay in the car while their child is having a lesson. We will be able to facetime or zoom if you would like to be in the lesson room with your child.

- We have allotted extra time between each lesson for cleaning.

- We will remain socially distant in the recital hall and keep at least 6ft of separation between ourselves and our students.

- Hand sanitizer will be provided and we will ensure that our recital hall is properly ventilated

Taking these steps we feel that we can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our students to learn and grow. If you have any suggestions we would be glad to hear them!

Reach out to your instructor or the academy for more information, and look for texts and emails from your instructor. We want everyone not to just feel safe, but to be safe.  As stated above, we will continue to provide online options for all who would like to continue online.

You can reach us at 901-309-8845 or at lessons@cordovamusicacademy.com

We look so forward to seeing everyone again!

David Harrison, Sue Harrison, Jonathan Harrison.        Click HERE to proceed to site